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Aimee's Story

Aimee Dawe talks about the care her Mum received from St. Margaret’s Hospice, enabling them to say goodbye in the best way possible.Read more

Ali's Story

St. Margaret’s became a part of Ali and her family’s lives when her step-son, Ambrose, was cared for by the hospice in 2015. Read her story...Read more

Amy's Story

When Amy Gill saw a poster for St. Margaret's Great Somerset Night Walk, she knew it would be a fitting tribute...Read more

An Evening In

Hold an Evening In and simply ask your guests to donate what they would have spent on a night out to St. Margaret's Hospice - it couldn't be easier!Read more

Anne's Story

Anne Opie is a Ward Volunteer at St. Margaret’s In-patient Unit in Taunton, and she ensures all the small but vital things get done...Read more

Bank Staff

We are looking for potential bank staff. Click here for information on how to join the St. Margaret's Hospice teamRead more

Boost your sponsorship

Our top tips for raising sponsorship if you're taking part in an event to raise money for the hospice.Read more


Clothing and general goodsRead more

Bridgwater Homestore

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